Hi, I'm James/Jamie or Demetrius/Demetria, and my last name is Greek.

I'm a 16 y/o Gay Scorpio from Indiana, USA

I'm a singer-songwriter, poet, and novelist

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Nomads by necessity, the Kyrgyz

A girl carries a pair of lambs to be reunited with their mothers for the night. On especially cold days the vulnerable young animals are kept warm in cloth bags hung in the herders’ huts. The Kyrgyz complain that their winters are brutal. But would they want to call any other place home?


Or reading them, either.


my ten favorite cats in non particular order


Tama is a female calico cat who gained fame for being a station master and operating officer at Kishi Station on theKishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan.


Camilla d’Errico “Splicerific” at Cotton Candy Machine Gallery

Only a heartless person would scroll pa-
*Scrolls past*



sexy inexplicable melancholy

I think the time is ripe to reblog this.


Jörg Ruel, silver-gilt cup in the form of a partridge, Nuremberg, Germany, ca. 1600
Victoria and Albert Museum


Sandra Gustafsson


ariana grande literally turned away from her catholic upbringing as soon as the pope said that homosexuality and working women were sins bc she didn’t want to have faith in sexism and homophobia, she has gay representation in both the lyrics and videos of her new album, is a self described feminist, regularly calls interviewers out on their sexism and ppl on this site shit on her because of how she looks like how fucking misogynistic is that


this has been: do i technically count as an adult if i still have jelly beans at the bottom of my purse????? happy Inktober 7th

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